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Curator - Rick Fray, PSU 1981

I've always been fascinated by sports ticket stubs, ever since I saved my first one from the 1970 Penn State-Army game I attended. For many years I just threw them in a shoebox, but one day realized I had quite a few from Penn State football games, as my Dad had season tickets since the mid 1970's. After a while, I developed a basic checklist, and when I discovered Ebay in 1998, that and the internet opened up a whole new source for obtaining tickets.

My goal is to assemble a premier museum documenting Penn State football tickets, obviously a lofty goal with over 1100 games played over 115+ years. I hope this will be a useful tool to help other collectors to identify the approximate age of ticket stubs that may be missing date information. I will be developing new content, and adding as many ticket images as I can find, many not in my collection. Check back occasionally to see what I've found to spice up the site. I have been able to contact many other ticket stub collectors through the internet and people who have stumbled onto my site, so I hope this will continue to be a good resource for years to come. If you have images of tickets I'm missing that you'd like to contribute to the display, please contact me. Any donations to fill in missing pieces would be greatly appreciated.

I relocated from Virginia to Texas in August 2005, so please contact me for current address information.


If you are a collector of football tickets from any school, I welcome contact with you and if you desire I can place your contact information on my links page.

My website was mentioned in the September/October 2000 Penn Stater magazine in a section on websites (Surfing for Sports), starting with Joe Paterno's new one. Thank you to whoever suggested it be featured!

If you enjoy looking at the Penn State football ticket images, I have created some hardcopy products - print versions of the Ticket museum - you can purchase. They are available in hard or soft cover, and the hard cover versions will make nice coffee table books. The first edition books are available in a single volume (almost 700 images, 240 pages); Volume 1: 1900-1965; Volume 2: 1966-2007; and a volume just of the Bowl games. Go to my Gift Shop page and there will be links to the website that prints the books and you purchase them directly through the lulu.com website. My goal is to update the edition annually with additional ticket images.

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